Re-establishing The American Dream One Idea At A Time...

People come from all over the world to America because America is known as a shining beacon of hope for those would-be entrepreneurs who want to own their own business. We make that dream come true for people every day!

Creating & Supporting Small Business Opportunities

"If you help enough other people get where they want to go, you'll eventually get where you want to go." - Zig Ziglar

The Magic Of Entrepreneurialism

There is nothing more magical for someone with the drive and determination to succeed than for them to realize that as an entrepreneur, the power to succeed is entirely in their hands.

Online Business Opportunities

Being in business for yourself is what we're all about her at American Enterprises. With the advent of the internet, quite a few opportunities exist online for self-employment. Learn more here.

Decades Of Success

For more than two decades (since the late 80's), American Enterprises has been helping people achieve success as a self-employed small business entrepreneur. Check out what people are saying about us here!

Supporting Our Troops

Whenever possible, we work to deliver opportunities for self-employment to our troops transitioning back into civilian life. To learn more about work we're doing to help our troops transition back into civilian life, check out this section of our site.

Environtmentally Friendly

American Enterprises is definitely in the business of making money, and yes, we do so by "helping others get where they want to go", but we don't agree that you have to destroy the environment to make that happen.

Continuous Support

Our team stands ready to assist existing and would be entrepreneurs in whatever way we can help. Use the form and information in this section of our website to reach out to us today and let us know how we can "help you get where you want to go!"

Let American Enterprises Help You Find Your Dream Of Entrepreneurship.

With all due respect to America's politicians, we don't need more jobs.
We need more small business opportunities!

Creating Small Business Opportunities

Through various divisions of American Enterprises and other business models, we create life-changing opportunities for would-be entrepreneurs to become self-employed in their own business, helping them "get where they want to go'

Building Entrepreneurial Opportunities Online

Many entrepreneurial business opportunities that exist today are on the Internet. However, for every one legitimate opportunity online, there are a thousand scam artists who care only for their bottom line. We sift through all of that so you don't have to!

We Work Within Your Strengths & Limitations

Everyone has different strengths & weaknesses as well their own unique interests and passions. We stand apart in that we don't try to super-impose our own passions on you. We work to support you in whatever endeavor truly drives and inspires you.


Today's online marketing industry is wrought with con artists hiding behind on the other side of your internet connection. It's rare to find a company or individual that sincerely works to ensure that other people are successful. I found that in American Enterprises. The consulting, reviews offered by American Enterprises are top-notch. They truly want to see me successful in a business that's right for me.


Even in today's "politically correct" society, there are still a great number of people in America who believe that women can't be successful in business. American Enterprises helped me prove them wrong. With their help, I vastly decreased my overhead while increasing my gross revenue. I also learned to tap into skills and "gumption" I had within me to help me "make it happen" for myself. American Enterprises taught me that even if I'm business FOR myself, it doesn't have to be BY myself! Thanks, Guys!


The people at American Enterprises go way above and beyond the call of duty to help a business owner like myself be successful. They are passionate about what they do, helping business survive and thrive in these uncertain economic times. I have saved a ton of money since I've been working with American Enterprises and their marketing arm, American Marketing Solutions. I find their counsel invaluable in helping me achieve the highest level of success in my business.